One single thing, more than anything else, could effectively lift your career to the next level

And that’s just one of the benefits


presentation skills are the best boost your career could getLooking back over my own career I can find so many examples of breakthroughs and opportunities, just because of this one thing.

But it seems that many people feel it’s out of reach. Reserved for those with mystical natural talent or just way too hard to achieve. Because maybe they’ve tried already and nothing happened. But maybe they did it the wrong way.

I’m talking about public speaking and presentation skills


In particular, business presentations. The kind given by project leaders, managers or company leaders, at business meetings or conferences.

Standing up in front of a bunch of people and owning the communication.

Hated by many, feared by most.

But the best, most kick-ass, career skyrocketing tool for anyone who’s prepared to work on mastering it


If you don’t step up to the mark, someone else will be given the chance to present your work. Are they likely to accurately represent your achievements and ideas?


So why aren’t more people good at it? Because, quite honestly, it’s no harder than many of the things you’ve already done.

I mean, think about it

Boost your career just as much as you did by learning to read or writeWhen you were small you learned how to read. It took a long time and an awful lot of effort. But consider what it’s contributed to your life.

You learned how to write too and, whatever else you’ve done, you’ve certainly used that to touch the lives of many people.

After that you learned a whole load of stuff that has step-by-step brought you to where you are now.

Learning how to speak to an audience is easier than most of what you’ve already mastered

But it will give you the power to directly move hearts and minds. Potentially it will do more than all the reading and writing that’s brought you this far.


Never mind that great presentations could potentially change the world, they’ll most certainly change YOUR world.


I might well be stating the obvious here. I mean, look around you. Do you know anyone who’s really good at giving presentations? How’s their career, status and visibility doing?

So here’s the thing. This is one of the greatest mysteries to me and I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this. Really. Because it’s driving me mad!

Why don’t more people, and small and large businesses, prioritize speaking coaching? 

Just think about an average day at the office.

All day, while you’re answering e-mails, writing reports, talking on the phone and sitting in endless meetings, you have that future presentation hanging over you. Like a hangman’s noose.

There’s not a minute to sit down and concentrate. But you really need to concentrate.

You have masses of old slides but never quite what you need. You’re not sure how to change them but there’s no time to make new ones.

It’d be great to have more photos but how do you find them fast and are you even allowed to use them?

And you’ve always got too many slides. Again. But what the hell, you’re really good at talking fast…


There’s no consistency in your method for turning out presentation material. So each time you start from scratch. And end up in the same place


When you go home after an over-full day you still haven’t finished your presentation.

The last minute is approaching like a freight train.

You go to sleep fretting about it and wake sweating about it.

The uncertainty hangs on all the way into the presentation. Standing there looking at the audience it’s quite clear you’re not rocking their boats in any kind of a way.

Can this really be better than spending a few hours learning how to do it properly?

I mean, seriously!!


Change the way you think about presentations and you’ll change the way people think about you


So tell me:

Do you have something to say?

Do you want to share your passion or educate others?

Do you want to shine? Or just look good in front of your boss?

Do you want to change the world?

Or do you just want to boost your career in the shortest possible time?

Those of us who have understood what it’s all about are already reaping the benefits of great careers, useful contacts and a wave of appreciation and recognition. Wouldn’t you like to as well?

Do me a favor.

Let me know what’s stopping you from giving better presentations.

Maybe I can help you get over that nasty threshold whatever it is.

There’s a great experience waiting for you.

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