More fun than a blog? Check out our online courses for practical, simple advice

We have set up a small collection of online courses to test the idea of packaging step-by-step practical tips in a more user friendly format than long blog posts. Check them out, it’s all free!


Anywhere and anytime online mobileEssential presentation skills – pick ‘n mix from short specific topics 

Courses contain videos, text, guides, and worksheets and are accessible from any device with an internet connection. You can get support by mail or Skype if you have any questions, just get in touch. Add longer coaching sessions for really effective learning.

You’ll receive an e-mail when a course is updated or expanded. Just like a subscription.



Go to the online school and see what’s available

Click on  “View All Courses” and course images for information and to enroll.

The courses are free so cruise around and see what you can find.

All the presentation skills you need to get your message across

Add one-on-one coaching

It’s easy to learn all the theory but hard to apply it. Check out some ideas for coaching plans and choose what suits you best.


Film yourself presenting – get expert feedback

Practice your presentation by making a video and then get professional feedback – couldn’t be easier! More details here. Or just send over your slides.