Hiring a dedicated speaker coach is the best way to develop your communication and presentation skills

How’s your average day at the office?

While you’re answering e-mails, writing reports and sitting in endless meetings, that future presentation is hanging over you. Like a hangman’s noose. When you go home after an over-full day you still haven’t finished your presentation. The last minute is approaching like a freight train. You go to sleep fretting about it and wake sweating about it.  The uncertainty hangs on into the presentation.  Standing there looking at the audience it’s quite clear you’re not rocking their boats in any kind of a way.

This is NASTY!

But you don’t have the time to attend a course to learn better presentation skills. A whole day away from the office would only make things worse. Maybe you’ve already tried and your presentations didn’t get much better.

It’s not your fault

It’s just that no one has broken it down for you using your own speaking style and your specific material. And your own presentation is the hardest to change. You’re suffering from the “Curse of Knowledge” just for starters.

It takes a lot of practice to apply the principles of good communication to all kinds of material – specially scientific and technical business presentations.

Being busy is stopping you from being a better you

A speaker coach can help you

For less than the price of a one day course in presentation skills you can have the undivided attention of someone who knows exactly how to create great presentations.  Someone who can show you the specific adjustments to get your material to work well. And teach you a method you can use forever.

Maybe it's time to spend a few hours learning how to do it properly?

Find out how coaching works

The insights I gained from Rhiannon on getting my message across took my presentations to another level. By improving my slides, in both layout and message, the presentations now look professional and sharp. I recommend a meeting with Rhiannon if you want to improve your presentation technique!

Kine Johansen

I was asked to perform a motivating, visionary presentation for the global commercial leadership in our divison (~160 people). I would normally have started with a strategy plan followed by technical details. This time I wanted to do something the audience would not expect. Through a number of sessions Rhiannon helped me create a story that illustrated a great future for patients, customers and our company, and a stepwise approach to show how we could get there. I got very positive feedback from a large number of the audience and I really achieved my goal.
Working with Rhiannon was a very positive experience. She not only coached me but also helped with layout, video, animations and picture material. My absolutely best recommendations for Rhiannon Sanders.
Jon-Sverre Schanche

VP Global R&D, ThermoFisher Scientific