Hire an inspirational speaker for your kick-off or meeting

Hire an inspirational speaker for your kick-off or meeting

In one hour or two you can gain a new perspective on public speaking that brings excellent presentations within reach of anyone who wants to be a better communicator.

With words and pictures, videos and a few laughs you’ll enjoy a relaxing talk that will keep everyone awake and focussed.

Not only will you listen to an inspirational speaker but you’ll learn masses of practical stuff and get even more material on a dedicated web page that only the attendees have access to. Lots of value and easy to arrange. Just drop me a mail or give me a call.

Really good, inspiring, fun, interesting. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is uncertain about giving presentations and who needs to see that presentations can be fun, and not torture.

S. Wallmark

A really exhilarating lecture full of energy.

C. Hallmark

Rhiannon is a charismatic speaker. A lovely dialect captured my attention. A full packed presentation. Good advice gave me important and simple tricks for carrying out a well structured presentation.


Meeting coming up?

I watched a presentation by Rhiannon at a recent gathering of scientists and business experts. She talked about how to use structure and contrast and get people to remember what you want them to. How to achieve credibility, even without credentials. Above all how to give high stakes, selling presentations. She’s a great speaker to pick for the last spot, late in the evening. We hung on every word, laughed at some fun videos and learnt some original lessons on communication. I can strongly recommend listening to Rhiannon speak; you’ll learn powerful and simple things about giving presentations. It’s certainly not an ordinary talk on presentation technique.

Michael Camitz

Senior Advisor Business Development, Uppsala Innovation Centre AB

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