We teach a unique combination of persuasive, convincing communication and leadership principles

Each presentation you give is a chance to persuade and convince and to leave a good impression.


Are your speaking skills holding you back?

Sanders Communication coaching will help you become a more confident speaker

You only get one chance and you can’t afford to miss it

Your business and career depend on getting your message across.

YOU are your presentation, not your slides.

Many courses on presentation technique talk about just that – techniques.

At Sanders Communication we start with YOU instead

We focus on your goal and purpose and your own unique communication style. We place great weight on authenticity and simplicity and in helping you to be a better you, not a copy of someone else.

The techniques are easy; you can read any amount on the Internet. The really difficult part is applying them to your own (sometimes complex) material and your own situation.

That’s why we focus on one-on-one coaching. It’s a super efficient way to improve fast

The combination of advanced presentation skills and behavioral science is unbeatable for high-stakes presentations.

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Imagine if you knew…

  • how to create a message that people find meaningful and fascinating
  • how to time your delivery, and support it with different communication techniques
  • how what you DO becomes who you ARE and how to use other people’s behavior to lead them
  • a method for constructing a presentation in half the time
  • an audience focused approach that also helps you learn your presentation
  • and more!

Armed with this knowledge anyone can become a charismatic and effective speaker!