I specialize in life science communication

My career started with a PhD and nine years in cancer research, followed by nine years in business development and marketing in Biotech with many clinical and drug development applications. Life science communication comes as second nature and I’ve held hundreds of presentations at numerous international conferences and often to non-specialists. From small meeting rooms to spacious stages, I’ve tried it all and made most of the mistakes that can be made.

I’ve spent about 30 years actively working on all aspects of presentations. It started as a necessity, became a passion and has been a full time occupation since 2007.

My native language is English and I speak Swedish fluently.

Presentations in English for non-native speakers

I hold presentations in Swedish or in English. You won’t find anyone with better understanding for the problems of speaking in a language that is not your mother tongue! I can help you construct a presentation that will be easier for you to remember under stress and solve a lot of the problems. 

Web or sales material and translation from Swedish to English

I’ve spent many years writing marketing material that’s based on high-tech complicated subjects. Simplifying the message comes as second nature and I do it from a deep understanding of the subject. I specialise in making scientific web sites attractive to the right audience; organising the work and providing English copywriting.

Rhiannon Sanders is a specialist in life science communication