Five rules for good slides

You can’t help but produce good slides if you follow these rules. They won’t necessarily be beautiful, but they will communicate much better.

Do you communicate or do you just write?

You can just learn the best methods from very successful web copywriters. The opportunity is there right in front of you. You’ll have to be human, appropriately express your views and ideas and speak from the heart. Real communication. Human-to-human.

Please look at me when you talk to me!

Good eye contact is not enough to give a great presentation, but lack of eye contact is guaranteed to ruin even the best presentation. Making good eye contact with the audience is an essential step to developing trust and credibility to convince and persuade your audience.

The 80/20 rule for good presentations

There are three things that will get you 80% of a good presentation. Or put another way – I spend 80% of my time helping people to get just these three things to work. It’s mostly about taking things away.